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What Is PotRentals?

While marijuana possession and consumption are now officially legal in Canada since 2018, smoking in public is not. This can be a problem for travelers who come to Canada to buy and consume weed but have nowhere to smoke it. That is where we come in!

Founded in 2019, our platform simply provides the largest collection of weed and fun friendly rentals and experiences in Canada where guests can safely enjoy cannabis and have fun while doing it, without all the restrictions from the other rental platforms.

PotRentals. Bringing Back The Fun In Traveling!

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What Is Our Mission?

Based on our own personal experiences as well as multiple interviews with short-term rentals guests around the world, we quickly realized that travelers were mostly unsatisfied by the large number of restrictions they had to deal with when they were renting a property during a trip. We also discovered that weed-friendly accommodations, whether they allow indoor or outdoor smoking, are simply hard or impossible to find on other platforms. PotRentals’s mission is to change that, so guests can live a truly unique experience while traveling! 


Provide the largest collection of cannabis and fun friendly rentals and experiences in Canada. Find unforgettable trips where you can safely enjoy cannabis, find adventures, have fun and live deep and authentic local experiences, hassle-free

Make it simpler for off the beaten path-loving, adventurous and cultural experience-seeking travelers to live deep and authentic local experiences and create meaningful connections wherever they go

Empower hosts to either unlock the value of their properties by becoming hospitality entrepreneurs or to monetize their talents & passions by providing amazing experiences