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Frequently Asked Questions – Guests


How do I contact a host before booking a reservation?

Contacting a host before booking a reservation is easy, simply send them a message on Potrentals.com. Once a request for booking is accepted, you can message, email, or call the host as you like until your trip has ended.

Before booking a reservation

If you want to have more information about a listing, a host, or an experience offered before booking, you can send a message to the host directly on Potrentals.com platform. Prior to sending messages, ensure that you properly review the information included in the listing page or the experience description.

To message a host prior to making a reservation:

  • Step 1: On Potrentals.com, go to the appropriate listing for which you desire more information.

  • Step 2: Click Contact Host on the listing page.

  • Step 3: Write your message and click on Send Message.

For your safety and privacy, you cannot call or email hosts before your request for booking is accepted.

What does the term “weed and fun friendly” means precisely?

All our listings on Potrentals.com have the obligation to be weed and fun friendly to some extent. The term “weed-friendly” refers to the fact that hosts either allow outside smoking (on a terrace, yard or a balcony) or in some instances, let you spark up inside. The term “fun-friendly” refers to the fact that the house rules provided from hosts are not overly restrictives, so guests can have “reasonable” fun while staying in a property from Potrentals.com. One way a host can make their home fun-friendly is to allow guests to respectfully play music until late in the evening, as long as it is complying with the city’s or your condominium’s bylaws. Before booking, make sure to read the listing page carefully for restrictions.

What are the requirements for guests booking on Potrentals.com?

Guests have to provide some information before they can make a reservation or book a stay.

  • Full name

  • Confirmed email address

  • Confirmed phone number

  • Profile photo that shows someone’s face

  • Agreement to the house rules of your host

  • Payment information

Hosts’ personal information is only shared after a request for booking has been confirmed. No email address is exchanged because all communications take place on PotRental platform. Some hosts may also ask guests to provide a government-issued ID before being able to confirm a booking.

How much does it cost to make a reservation on Potrentals.com?

It is currently free to book your stay on Potrentals.com

How do I make a reservation request?

The best way guests can make a reservation is through the host’s listing page. Guests can also choose to send a message directly to the host to ask questions or request additional details about the listing or its availability. Prior to submitting a request for a reservation, guests must first agree to the terms determined by the host, including a cancellation policy and the host's house rules.

How much time does a host have to reply to my reservation request?

Hosts have up to 24 hours to accept or decline reservation requests. Once it is done, guests will be informed by email about the status of their request. Since we strongly encourage our hosts to respond in a timely manner (part of our hosting best practices), most reservation requests are accepted within one or two hours once they are received by the host.

How do I pay for my reservation?

When a host confirms a request for booking, the guest will automatically be prompted to provide a payment source to secure their reservation. When using Potrentals.com, all payments are processed securely through PayPal, which means hosts and guests never have to deal with money directly. Some hosts may also ask their guests to provide a government-issued ID before being able to confirm a booking.

As a guest, you can earn travel credits by inviting your friends to join Potrentals.com. Once they are earned, you can then use your travel credits toward future confirmed property bookings. Travel Credits can't apply to a trip that has already been paid for and can only be used when booking a property. They can’t be used when booking an experience.

How can I determine the total cost of my reservation?

The total cost for a reservation on Potrentals.com can include a few elements.

  • Nightly rate: A fee charged by the host for each day of your stay

  • Cleaning fees: A one-time fee charged by some hosts to cover the cost associated with cleaning their space

  • Extra guests fees: A one-time fee charged by some hosts for any stay that has more than a specified amount of guests

  • Currency exchange fees: A one-time fee charged when the transaction is completed in a different currency than the one listed by the host, if applicable

  • Local taxes: Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction involved, VAT may be charged on top of the host and guest service fees.

How do Potrentals.com payments work for a host?

All payments are securely processed through Paypal or Stripe, depending on the preferred payout method chosen.. Guests are charged before their arrival and hosts get paid automatically within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days after their guest check-in (when a reservation has been confirmed on the Potrentals.com platform). The payment will also be adjusted depending on the fees charged by Potrentals.com to hosts and guests. Please review below the Potrentals.com’ current fee structure:

Fees for home bookings

  • Guest service fees: Potrentals.com charges guests a service fee of 12.5% for each booked reservation to cover the cost of running the platform and allowing us to offer an amazing customer support before, during and after your travel. The Guest Fees is calculated based on the booking subtotal, which is the nightly rate plus the cleaning fee and the additional extra guests fee, if applicable (excluding Potrentals.com fees and taxes). The Guest Fees will be displayed to the Guest when the Guest is asked whether to send a booking request to a Host.

Fees for experiences

  • Guest service fees: We currently do not charge a guest service fees for experiences.


Does Potrentals.com screen hosts?

Potrentals.com verifies a certain amount of information about guests and hosts that help make our community a much safer place for everyone. For that reason, we systematically require a profile photo, where the face is clearly visible, a confirmed phone number, and an email address.

Planning a trip

Where can I find information on cannabis consumption and cannabis-related events?

Potrentals.com provides you with a list of dispensaries (place where you can legally purchase cannabis in Canada) close-by and will even recommend cannabis-friendly events in several cities in Canada. If you are interested in learning more about cannabis in Canada, please visit Hosting & Travelling Help.