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Frequently Asked Questions – Hosts

Getting started

Who can be a Potrentals.com host?

It is easy to become a Potrentals.com host and it is always free to publish a listing. Apartments, houses, private rooms or villas are just a few of the properties hosts have shared on Potrentals.com.

One way or another, your home needs to be fun and weed friendly, which means that you must allow guests to consume cannabis somewhere on your property, either inside or outside on a balcony for example, and the house rules should not be too restrictives, so guests can have “reasonable” fun while staying at your place. For more information on what is expected from our hosts, have a look at our Hospitality Standards and our Responsible Hosting Tips.  Offering a great stay for your guests will help you get great guest reviews and potentially earn even more money on the platform.

What does it take to be able to share my home on Potrentals.com?

You can learn about local bylaws and rules about hosting, cannabis-related topics, and much more on our platform. We aim to provide as much information as possible, so you can be properly equipped to start hosting like a pro and get good reviews from your guests. Please note that the information we provide is not exhaustive and that we strongly recommend you to ensure that you comply with applicable federal, provincial, and local laws and bylaws before hosting guests.

How much can I earn per month by hosting through the Potrentals.com platform?

Our hosts make on average approximately C$ 3,200 per month, but some of them generate even more than that. This figure is however purely illustrative - how much you will make will greatly depend on factors such as: your pricing, if you host both experiences and your property, the type of property you have, its location, your occupancy rate, the strength of the demand, etc. Your local tax laws may also have an impact on your final net income.

How Potrentals.com can help you optimize the value of your property?

While marijuana possession and use are now legal in Canada, public consumption is not, and that makes private weed-friendly properties quite attractive for the growing numbers of tourists coming to Canada to experience cannabis among other things.

How strong is the current demand for weed-friendly properties?

The cannabis tourism continues to grow at a fast clip, drawing lots of people - and millions of dollars - to states, provinces and; countries where adult use of cannabis is legal. Since legalization came under effect in Canada, many events related to weed are also being organized every month in Canada and attendees and business promoters need weed-friendly places to stay at.

For all of these reasons, becoming a host on Potrentals.com will help you earn even more money than on other short-term rental platforms so that you can fund your passions and interests. Aside from financial incentives, you might even get a chance to meet new people sharing similar interests to yours.

How should I price my listing on Potrentals.com?

What you charge to your guests is always up to you, but to help you in the process of identifying the proper rate to make your space more competitive, we do provide tips and advice. As a first step, we recommend beginning by reviewing comparable listings in your area, so you can get an idea of the usual market rates.

Some hosts choose to add other extra fees in their listing. To charge additional fees beyond your nightly rate, hosts must first disclose these potential charges to guests before a reservation is made. Here are a few examples of additional fees: cleaning fee, extra guests fees, check-in fee, pet fee, parking fee or bike rental fee. However, please note that Potrentals.com is not responsible for the collection of payments on your behalf when these fees are not included in your pricing.

How do Potrentals.com payments work for a host?

All payments are securely processed through Paypal or Stripe, depending on the preferred payout method chosen. Guests are charged before their arrival and hosts get paid automatically within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days after their guest check-in (when a reservation has been confirmed on the Potrentals.com platform). In many cases, the payment occurs between seven (7) to ten (10) days after their guest check-in. The payment will also be adjusted depending on the fees charged by Potrentals.com to hosts and guests. Please review below the Potrentals.com’ current fee structure:

Fees for home bookings

  • Host service fees: While listings are free, Potrentals.com charges hosts a service fee of 7.5% for each booked reservation to cover the cost of processing the guest's payment. The Host Fees are calculated as a percentage of the applicable price the host sets for the booking of its rental property (which usually include any Taxes if applicable, and/or additional charges such as cleaning fees or additional extra guests fees) (“Booking Fees”). The Host Fees will be displayed to the Host when the Host is asked whether to confirm or reject a booking request from a prospective Guest.

Fees for experiences

  • Host service fees: We charge hosts who offer experiences a 20% service fee. This fee is calculated based on the price of the experience and it is automatically deducted from the host’s payout. The Host Fees are calculated as a percentage of the applicable price the Host sets for the booking of its Experiences (which usually include any Taxes if applicable) (“Booking Fees”). The Host Fees will be displayed to the Host when the Host is asked whether to confirm or reject a booking request from a prospective Guest.

Where Can I See And Edit My Experience

There are two ways you can see or edit your experience on Potrentals.com.

Through your Potrentals.com’ account page

  • You can click on Become a Host at the top of your screen and then click on Host an Experience. If you have already saved experiences in the past, you will see them there and you can then simply click on Edit experience if you want to edit it. To delete your experience, click on the gearing on the top right corner of the experience.

Through Potrentals.com’ main page

  • Another way is to go on Potrentals.com’ main page and select your experience among the others with our various filters or the mapping tool. As the owner of the experience, you will directly go in the editing mode of the experience. You are the only member of Potrentals.com who can have access to the editing mode of your experience.


Does Potrentals.com screen guests?

Potrentals.com verifies a certain amount of information about guests and hosts that help make our community a much safer place for everyone. For that reason, we systematically require a profile photo, where the face is clearly visible, a confirmed phone number, and an email address.