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Learn How James Like To Travel?

I strongly recommend using PotRentals for your next booking. Let’s face it, you’ll save plenty of time compared to other short-term rental platforms in    finding weed-friendly locations. All listings are genuinely fun and weed friendly, which makes vaping or smoking a lot more easier!

Why did you choose to book a reservation on PotRentals?

I live in New York and as soon as I heard about Canada legalizing recreational use of cannabis, my girlfriend and I wanted to go see by ourselves. The rules are however a little blurrier as for where to consume it, so it really made more sense for us to consume it in the privacy of our rented home. The hard part of planning our trip was really to find weed-friendly accommodations. When I turned to other short-term rental platforms, finding a proper weed-friendly property was simply impossible. As for hotels, they were all prohibiting smoking.

PotRentals really contrasts with the other platforms as it makes it easy to find a great variety of fun and weed friendly rentals in Canada.

How was your experience with your host?

It went amazingly well. The flat was clean, and the location was simply perfect and close to the various activities we had planned. Luckily for us, there was also a cannabis dispensary nearby, which is the legal stores where you can buy cannabis products in Canada, for those who are less familiar. We were allowed to smoke weed on the little terrace the host had access on the top of the building, so it really made the difference in terms of the overall experience for us.

What did you do during your trip?

There are so many events and activities in Toronto, year in and year out, that it is sometimes hard to choose what makes the city such an amazing place to visit. Since it wasn’t my first trip there, I tried unusual experiences like attending a “Cannabis Infused Cooking Class”, participating in a Haunted Walk of Toronto and throwing axes at the Backyard Axe Throwing League, just to name a few. We both really love the city and we hope to come back very soon!


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Four guests ran into problems for smoking cannabis and “having fun” in a property found on one of the leading short-term rental platform

Here’s their story and how PotRentals can help to avoid disappointments for your next trip to Canada.


Sammy and 3 of his best friends, all from New Jersey, decided to spend 4 days in Montreal during the 2018 Holiday Season.

They wanted to discover Montreal´s world-famous nightlife, to visit some of its unique, unmissable attractions as well as to buy and smoke weed legally.

To live like locals, they chose to rent a condo from a leading short-term rental platform (they were not aware that PotRentals had just be launched). Properties allowing guests to smoke inside are surprisingly rare to find on other platforms, so after more than an hour of search, they finally picked a well-located property in downtown Montreal that was allowing their guests to smoke cigarettes.

Once they got to Montreal, they quickly realized that although buying weed was easy, smoking it outside in public areas wasn’t that simple with all the restrictions on where to smoke.

After walking in the city for a while without finding a proper and safe spot to consume it, they all agreed to come back to their condo.

Following an unjustified complaint from a neighbour, their Airbnb host gave them a hard time about smoking pot and having reasonable fun while doing it when it was barely 8pm in the evening.

With so many restrictions, they came out from that trip very disappointed.

At PotRentals, we believe that travelling is about having fun, discovering new places and creating unforgettable memories…it shouldn’t be all about restrictions and disappointments.

Our platform simply provides the largest collection of weed and fun friendly rentals in Canada, so Sammy and his friends can live the most amazing travel experiences, hassle-free.