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Host An Experience On Potrentals And Influence The Travel Scene In Your City!

Know interesting off-the-beaten-track places or activities in your area or outside of it? Interested in making money with Potrentals but you do not have a weed and fun friendly property to share? No worries, Potrentals Experiences can be the solution?

Since Potrentals’s mission is about giving access to weed and fun friendly accommodation, some of our experiences are obviously related to cannabis and nightlife, but our offering is much more diverse: sightseeing tours, private poker games, and gastronomy tours are only a few examples.

Potrentals Experiences works with exceptional local guides and businesses to help them offer unique tours or classes to share their hobbies, skills, or expertise to travelers in their city. No need of an extra room to offer experiences, all you need is the desire to put your talents to good use and do more of what you love.

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Share your passion and your skills

Manage your schedule the way you want

Earn money or even start a business

Introduce your guests to the activities and places you are most excited about. With Potrentals, it has never been easier to design your experience! Meet also interesting people along the way and interact with a vast community of travelers and locals who share your interests.

Set a schedule for your experience which fits your lifestyle. Then pick a proper price for your experience as well as the ideal group size. You have total control on the way you want to offer your experience!

Turn your passion and your skills into a part-time job or even a full-time business, with no upfront cost. You'll get your own page on Potrentals that travelers can use to book your experience.

Potrentals provides visibility for your services, handles payment processing and provides 24-hour customer service.

Here’s An Overview Of The Process





Learn what we are looking for

Create your experience page

Submit your experience for review

Review our quality standards to find out if your experience is a fit for Potrentals

Describe with photos, descriptions, and other details your own unique tours, day trips or services to inspire guests to book your experience

Someone from Potrentals will review your experience page to ensure quality. If your experience meets our quality standards, you can begin hosting it and earning money

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What are the quality standards for Potrentals Experiences?

Every experience submitted to Potrentals is reviewed to make sure it meets three quality standards: expertise, insider access, and value-added. These standards help make sure that guest expectations are met.


What is Potrentals looking for in an experience?

  • Expertise and Passion: It is led by a knowledgeable, passionate host or local company

  • Insider access: It gives guests access to a special place, activity, service or community that the average traveler wouldn’t likely discover on their own

  • Value-added: It creates a value-added experience for the guest (services are included)

Here are some additional requirements:

  • Accuracy: Experience hosts must provide complete and accurate details about their experience, time and date, meeting location, including the itinerary and what they’ll provide to guests

  • Experience with exclusive dates: Once a host lists an experience for a time and date on Potrentals, only Potrentals guests can attend that instance of the experience

  • Honoring reservations: Hosts must honor all booked reservations unless they have to cancel due to a valid extenuating circumstance (Potrentals will review the situation)

  • Minimum guest review ratings: Experiences with lots of low-star (1, 2, or 3-star) reviews or an average rating at or below 4.3 may be removed from Potrentals

Experiences that do not meet these standards may be removed from Potrentals.

Let’s go over what a Potrentals Experience might look like

Here are a few examples of experiences you could propose on our platform – the list is far from being exhaustive, so feel free to submit a different experience to Potrentals for review:

420-inspired gastronomy tours and classes, Bud & wine tasting tours, Cannabis discovery experiences, Cannabis dispensary tours, Landmark sightseeing tours, Private 420-friendly poker games, Romance / honeymoon / anniversary / bachelor-ette Party Packages, CBD oil massages, Nightlife tours, etc.

The possibilities are limitless.