Host Guarantee Policy

Last update: March 10, 2019


The host guarantee available for Potrentals.com hosts consists of using security deposits that may be used to cover the cost of loss or damages your guest may cause to your rental property, personal belongings or other aspects of your rental property (« Property Damages »).

1. Security Deposits

1.1. You, as a Host, may elect to require a security deposit in your Listing of Rental Property (“Security Deposit”) in order to cover the cost of loss or damages your Guest may cause to the Rental Property or any personal or other property at your Rental Property (« Property Damages »). If so, you must specify such Security Deposit in your Listing before the Guest makes a request for booking. Potrentals.com will cap the amount of the Security Deposit you can require in your Listing. You are not allowed to require a Security Deposit after the request for or confirmation of a booking. You are strictly forbidden to ask for the payment of a Security Deposit of any kind, or by any mean, outside of the Potrentals.com Platform for any booking made or to be made through the Potrentals.com Platform.

1.2. You, as a Host, understand that the specification of a Security Deposit in your Listing will not have for consequence that the Guest will pay you such specified amount as part of the payment required to book such Listing. The payment of the Security Deposit or part of it may only occur in the presence of a Property Damage.

1.3. If you hold the Guest responsible for a Property Damage, you can send a request to your Guest for the payment of an amount up to the Security Deposit (“Deposit Claim”), via the dedicated functionality accessible from your Potrentals.com Account (“Deposit Claim Center”). You must use only the Deposit Claim Center to resolve a Security Deposit dispute, otherwise, you understand and agree Potrentals.com may refuse to play any role regarding this Security Deposit Dispute.

1.4. As a Host, you may open a Deposit Claim within seven (7) days after your Guest checks-out of your Rental Property. In order to open a Deposit Claim, you, as a Host, will be required to set the requested amount you claim the Guest should pay, in the limit of the Security Deposit you specified in the appropriate Listing. The amount you request the Guest to pay shall be limited to cover the cost of the Property Damage and only such cost. You, as a Host, will also be asked to provide mandatory information in support of your Deposit Claim, such as description and photographs of the damage and receipt of the damaged furniture.

1.5. On receiving a Deposit Claim by the Host, you, as a Guest, may either (i) agree on the payment requested by the Host, (ii) contest the requested amount by formulating a counter-proposal or (iii) fully deny the Deposit Claim. In the event the Guest contests the requested amount, the Host may accept the counter-proposal or make a new and final proposal. In the event both the Host and Guest do not agree on a specific amount within ninety-six (96) hours after the Deposit Claim was opened by the Host, or if the Guest fully deny the Deposit Claim, the Host may (i) close the Deposit Claim or (ii) require the Potrentals.com mediation to settle the dispute. Please note that if the Potrentals.com mediation is not required by the Host, the Deposit Claim will be automatically closed seven (7) days after it was opened by the Host if the Host and the Guest do not agree with each other on a payable amount during this timeframe. 

1.6. When Potrentals.com provides its mediation for the Deposit Claim, Members understand and agree on all determinations by Potrentals.com with respect to the Deposit Claim, in particular, the responsibility for, the gravity of the damage suffered and the amount the Guest must pay shall be final and binding on Members. You understand that in all determinations, Potrentals.com may consider, in its determination, any local relevant practices and standards in relation with rentals security deposits.

1.7. In order for Potrentals.com to make any determination, you may be asked to provide any information or document (such as photographs), in addition to the ones you may have already provided on the Deposit Claim Center. You understand the lack of solid evidence or effective cooperation can seriously affect, to your detriment, all determinations made by Potrentals.com.

1.8. If you, as a Guest, are required to pay the Security Deposit or part of it, Potrentals.com may apply management fees. You agree to pay such management fees in the same payment required for the payment of the Security Deposit. Such management fees will be included in the amount to be paid under your obligation to pay the Security Deposit, or part of it.

1.9. You agree to pay Potrentals.com, as the Host’s payment collection agent, the total or partial amount of the Security Deposit as (i) agreed upon with the Host via the Deposit Claim Center, or (ii) determined by Potrentals.com under its mediation. Accordingly, you hereby authorize Potrentals.com to collect such amount by charging your Payment Method, either directly or indirectly, via Third-Party Payment Processor(s) (as defined below). In the event Potrentals.com is unable to collect the Security Deposit payment by charging your Payment Method, you understand and agree on Potrentals.com reserves the right to pursue any remedies available to Potrentals.com, including, without limitation, recovery procedures in this regard. In the event Potrentals.com pursue a recovery procedure against you, such recovery procedure will be conducted by Potrentals.com on behalf of the Potrentals.com entity you contracted with. Potrentals.com may apply recovery fees in the event Potrentals.com has to pursue any other remedy to its inability to charge your Payment Method. You agree to pay such recovery fees in the same payment Potrentals.com may recover by any remedy. Such management fees will be included in the amount to be paid under your obligation to pay the Security Deposit, or part of it.

1.10. Potrentals.com will remit you the Security Deposit amount in a timely manner after, and only, a collection of such amount from the Guest. Since Potrentals.com act as a payment collection agent to accept payments from Guests, you understand that Potrentals.com’ obligation to pay you any Security Deposit amount is subject to and conditional upon successful receipt of such amount funds from Guests. In the event Potrentals.com is definitely unable to collect the Security Deposit amount due by the Guest, Potrentals.com may offer you, in its sole discretion, to reduce the Host Fees you may pay to Potrentals.com in the future by the Security Deposit amount the Guest should have paid to you.