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Earn Money As A PotRentals Host

You can start making extra money fast

You control the process

We’re always there to help you

If you want to make some extra money, renting your home or offering experiences through PotRentals is a great way to do it. Whatever you have to offer, PotRentals makes it simple to reach a vast number of travelers in search of weed and fun friendly places to stay.

With PotRentals, you have full control over your availability, prices, house rules as well as the way you want to interact with your guests. The way you want to handle the process is entirely up to you!

PotRentals offers tools, hospitality tips, support as well as a vast community of experienced hosts interested in helping you to succeed.

How To Be A Host In Three Easy Steps





Create your listing

Welcome your guests

Get paid

It’s totally free and easy to create a listing on PotRentals, so there is no risk for you. Describe your home, how many guests you can accommodate, your preferences for the way your guests can consume weed (smoking inside, outside or vaping), and add photos and details.

To establish the proper price for your space, we recommend beginning by reviewing comparable listings in your area, so you can get an idea of the usual market rates. What you charge to your guests is always up to you!

Get to know your guests before their arrival by messaging them on our platform. Guests using our platform usually want to find rentals that go the extra mile to create amazing and authentic local experiences.

You can either greet your guests face to face with a key or just send them a message with a door code.

PotRentals’ secure payment system means you never have to deal with money directly. Guests are charged before arrival and you get paid automatically after their check-in, minus a reasonable service fee.

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Why Cindy Is A Host?

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Making my home weed and fun friendly was easy. I personally let guests smoke outside or vape inside. The truth is that cannabis tourism is booming and listing on PotRentals allowed me to earn much more money than what I used to make on other short-term rental platforms.

Finding a weed and fun friendly location is difficult elsewhere, so guests literally pay a premium price for that type of accommodation. I am also planning on offering one or two experiences this summer to boost even more my revenues. I feel like I have a prime location for tourists and business travelers coming to Canada to have fun and live an experience with weed.

For more inspiring host stories, visit our Hosts Testimonials page. To help you take the best decision, we require our hosts to disclose the approximate amount they generate every month.

Frequently Asked Questions



Who can be a PotRentals host?

It is easy to become a PotRentals host and it is always free to publish a listing. Apartments, houses, private rooms or villas are just a few of the properties hosts have shared on PotRentals.


Furthermore, your home needs to be fun and weed friendly, which means that you must allow guests to consume cannabis somewhere on your property, either inside or outside on a balcony or a yard, and you  must ensure your house rules are not too restrictive, so your guests can have “reasonable, but respectful” fun while staying at your place. For more information on what is expected of our hosts, have a look at PotRentals’ hospitality standards that help hosts earn great guest reviews.

What does it take to be able to share my home on PotRentals?

You can learn about local laws and rules about hosting, weed consumption as well as other topics, get advice on your hosting responsibilities and much more on our platform. We aim to provide as much information as possible, so you can be properly equipped to start hosting like a pro and get good reviews from your guests.

How much money can I make per month by hosting on the platform?

Our hosts make on average approximately C$ 3,200 per month through our platform, but some of our hosts generate even more than that. This figure is however purely illustrative - how much you will make will greatly depend on factors such as: pricing, if you offer experiences or not, type of property, location, actual occupancy rate, season, demand and other factors. Your local laws may also have an impact on your final income.

How PotRentals can help you optimize the value of your property?

While cannabis possession and use are now legal in Canada, public consumption is not, and that makes private weed-friendly properties quite attractive for the growing number of tourists coming to Canada to experience marijuana among other things.

For that very reason, becoming a host on PotRentals will help you earn even more money than on other short-term rental platforms so that you can fund your passions and interests. Aside from financial incentives, you might even get a chance to meet new people sharing similar interests to yours.