woman explaining what it is to be a host on potrentals

Meet Cindy : Taking Advantage Of The Booming “Cannatourism”

Making my home weed and fun friendly was easy. I personally let guests smoke outside or vape inside. The truth is that cannabis tourism is booming and listing on Potrentals allowed me to earn much more money than what I used to make on other short-term rental platforms.  

Finding a weed and fun friendly location is difficult elsewhere, so guests literally pay a premium price for that type of accommodation. I am also planning on offering one or two experiences this summer to boost even more my revenues. I feel like I have a prime location for tourists and business travelers coming to Canada to have fun and live an experience with weed.

What was your motivation to start hosting on Potrentals?

I was already acquainted with hosting my home on short-term rental platforms, but despite all my efforts to get stellar guest reviews, I was now facing more competition from other hosts in my neighborhood, so it felt like I had reached a plateau in terms of revenues. So, I looked for other ways to differentiate my listing and push myself to the next level.

When cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, I soon realized that a large proportion of my guests wanted a place to consume it while on vacation or on a business trip and they had nowhere to go since smoking or vaping weed in public is very restricted. For me, that was it, this was the way to differentiate myself, make my guests really happy and by doing so, increase my revenues.

Any tips or advice for someone who is considering hosting on Potrentals?

Setting proper house rules is important, but also make sure to create a fun and relaxed environment for guests, especially when it comes to smoking or vaping weed. Making your home weed and fun friendly is easy. I personally have a balcony with a great view of the city and where my guests can smoke marijuana (I leave ashtrays outside only). I also let my guests use cannabis vaporizers indoor if they want to. The more enjoyable the experience I offer, the better are my reviews.

Has hosting changed your lifestyle?

It did, absolutely. I love to travel and hosting really helped me with having enough money to go basically wherever I want to go. I now travel three to four times a year and, in locations I could have only dreamed of before. Plus, the profits I make from hosting allow me to pay entirely my monthly mortgage payment.

Another great advantage of hosting is that I get to meet very cool people in the process and I have found myself more than once spending some time with my guests to show them the city.

Cindy’s average monthly income with Potrentals: C$ 3,700


Meet Jenny: Using Her Income From Potrentals To Ensure Her Family Thrives

Jenny is in love with Montreal, and she has been obsessed with its history, development and its people for most of her life.

She lives there with her husband Martin and her son Frédéric. “My son is now in fourth grade and he’s my little athlete - he really loves hockey and soccer,” exclaims Jenny with a smile.

The family has a house on the West Island in Pointe-Claire and a condo they recently purchased as an investment in the vibrant and in the high demand Griffintown sector, not too far from downtown Montreal. They recently decided to list their condo on Potrentals after recreational marijuana became legal throughout Canada. “Weed-friendly locations are in high demand in Montreal, so the rate per night I could get from Potrentals was significantly higher than what I could get from other home sharing platforms”. “Potrentals has been a godsend for us”. “My husband is a contract IT worker and he has frequently gaps during contracts. Before Potrentals, it was simply difficult for us to weather those ups and downs.”

Thanks to the extra income from sharing their condo, their financial situation has never been better, and her son is greatly benefiting: “The extra income has helped us keep our house, pay the mortgage, but it also allowed me to finally take my son to a family trip in Australia and New Zealand!”. “It also allowed us to put my son into private school, where he is now thriving.”

Jenny’s average monthly income with Potrentals: C$ 4,200


Meet Mary-Ann: Full-time MBA Student And Potrentals Host In Vancouver

Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, she lived in Los Angeles for several years and she has returned to B.C. about a year ago to start a full-time MBA program at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She is planning on pursuing either a consulting career or starting her own business once she graduates.

She is an avid traveler as well and she became familiar with Potrentals as a guest about two months ago. After having a very positive experience with her host on the platform, the idea of becoming a host herself became appealing.

Mary-Ann shares her three-bedroom Fairview condo with her sister Sandra. As a full-time student and a restaurant hostess respectively, trying to make ends meet in an increasingly expensive city is now a little easier with the extra income they make through home sharing with Potrentals. “It’s a more sustainable way to afford to live in my community since I’m leveraging the resources I already have instead of getting into debt.”

“With Potrentals, it’s more than just a place to stay. You really get to live like a local, experience the neighborhoods, and really enjoy your stay with a large variety of weed and fun friendly properties. It allows people more flexibility in how they travel and fewer limitations on what they can do or not do.”

“As a host, I like to steer my guests towards what I feel are the most unique spots - the ones that have the most character and reflect the real soul of the city.”

“I have used other home sharing platforms before and I strongly prefer Potrentals for its simplicity and the various options offered to hosts to make money. Making my place weed and fun friendly really allowed me to differentiate my offering and increase my income. I am even considering offering experiences this summer to boost my revenues. I feel it is now possible for me to get my MBA, debt-free, and pursue my dreams.”

Mary-Ann’s average monthly income with Potrentals: C$ 2,800



Meet Sebastian: Entrepreneur And Potrentals Host In Toronto

Originally from Poland, Sebastian first moved to Canada in 2006 to attend college in Toronto.

After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world, Sebastian was ready to take the leap in pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

“I knew that entering into entrepreneurship wouldn’t be easy at first financially speaking. Based on my first months of operation, the extra income I will earn from home sharing on Potrentals will help me to pursue entrepreneurship full-time and to go visit my family in Poland at least once a year.”

“Despite all my personal projects, my family is the most important thing in the world. My grandmother, who is still living in Poland, was sick just a month ago, and thanks to the extra income I get from listing my home, I was able to go visit her when it really counted for her. ”

Sebastian lists the spare bedroom in his two-bedroom Toronto apartment on Potrentals. “Toronto is an expensive city. You need to find different ways to pay the bills. When I share my spare room, I really feel like I’m the best ambassador to the city. It makes me really proud to be a Canadian and to show people the city and talk to them about Canada.”

His experience with immigration has also proved to be incredibly beneficial to some of his international guests. “I had a guest who had just immigrated from Ukraine who stayed with me for three weeks as she got settled. Having the knowledge as an immigrant, I was able to provide those key insights for her.”

Sebastian’s average monthly income with Potrentals: C$ 2,300


Meet John: Potrentals Host In Toronto

“I’ve been a Potrentals host in Toronto, Canada, for almost four months now. What I love most about sharing my home is to be able to give every visitor a genuine, authentic Toronto experience of living in a local community, like a real local. My objective is to go beyond the tourist spots of downtown Toronto.”

“Just like a business, hosting my property and experiences (sightseeing tours and culinary classes) provides me with a lot of extra income, which helps fund my own adventures. I love to travel and to give my kids the chance to experience new places and cultures. Hosting on Potrentals provides me with the funds to do that.”

When guests arrive in Toronto, John gets to know a little more about what they’re here for to get a read on his guests and steer them toward the cool, offbeat, less touristy spots they might like and wouldn’t have known otherwise.

“It makes the trip a little more special when you provide experiences outside the norm.”

John’s average monthly income with Potrentals: C$ 5,100 (with experiences)


Meet Émilie: Single Mom Host In Montreal

Émilie is a single mom raising three young kids in a duplex in the popular and touristic borrow called Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montreal, Canada. For years, she worked about 60-hour weeks at a job that was unfulfilling, yet still scrambling to care for her three children and momentarily giving up on her dream of teaching yoga.

After discussing with one of her best friend who had just started to host on Potrentals, she quickly realized how much money her property could generate on the platform and started to list one of her two units on the platform.

“This was the change that made it all possible for me and my three kids.”

Hosting has become not only an extra source of income, but it also allowed her to work less hours and to be more available for her family. With the money she is saving, she is planning on opening soon her yoga studio -  her lifelong dream!

Émilie’s average monthly income with Potrentals: C$ 4,400