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Responsible Hosting

Hosting through PotRentals offers great benefits, but with great rewards always come with some types of responsibilities – ultimately, this will help you get great reviews and earn more money as a host.

Aside from our Hospitality Standards, here are few other ways you can be a responsible host. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that we strongly recommend you to ensure that you comply with applicable federal, provincial, and local laws and bylaws before hosting guests.


The safety of your guests is of the utmost importance. There are many things you can do to make your space safe for guests:

Contact info

Provide local emergency numbers and the address of the nearest hospital as well as your contact number for easy guest reference. Let also your guests know how you want to be contacted if issues arise.

First aid supplies

Make a first aid kit easily available.

Fire prevention

Make sure you have a functioning fire extinguisher, a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector and provide also a clearly marked fire escape route for your guests. Ensure your property also meets government safety in your area.



Make sure to respect your guests’ privacy at all time, and properly disclose the use in your home of security cameras or other surveillance equipment in your listing if applicable.

Maximum occupancy

Local governments usually have guidelines in terms of occupancy limit, so make sure to read and comply with them.

Temperature and ventilation

Whether you allow guests to smoke or consume weed inside or outside your home, please make sure that your property is properly ventilated, and that thermostats are clearly marked and functional.


The best way to avoid problems with your neighbors when you engage in short-term rentals is to be transparent with your neighbors and cooperate as much as possible with them. Here are some tips to help your relationship with them. In order to avoid surprises for your guests, we recommend including the information covered below in your house rules section of your listing.

Be transparent

Tell your neighbors about your rental plans or whenever you have a guest coming in.

Communicate the rules and policies

Make sure you provide your guests with your building's rules, including the parking rules, and remind them not to trouble your neighbors and to keep the noise down at night.  Create and share a clear policy about guests inviting people over and make sure your guests are clear regarding your "fun policy".


PotRentals is a weed-friendly platform, so we strongly suggest using signs for your guests if you don't allow smoking inside your home. If you do allow smoking inside, ensure you have ashtrays available in designated areas. Let also your guests know if you want them to open the windows or use ventilation fans to minimize the smell of marijuana in your home. For tips and tricks on how to get rid easily of the weed smell, please consult our Odor-free Guide.


Be available when guests are in your home by providing your contact information.


Whom do I need to inform when I'm hosting on PotRentals?

There are a number of regulations one must comply with before starting to short-term rent their property, many of which are specific not only to each province but to each borough.

In the case you own a condominium unit or rent your home, you also need to ensure that your Home Owners Association Board’s rules or your Lease Agreement do not restrict the subletting or the hosting of your home through short-term rental platforms.

General Regulations

What are the local short-term rental regulations?

The governing authorities that regulate the use and development of property in your area may have useful information on such regulations. Please consult their websites to ensure that you comply with all regulations.



Ensure that you look up and take into account local taxes such as the Transient Occupancy Tax, the Value Added Tax (VAT), the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as well as your own Income Tax when renting your home on short-term platforms

Permits and registrations

Ensure you look up any permitting, licensing, zoning, safety, and health regulations that may apply.


What type of insurance coverage should I get before hosting on short-term rental platforms?

Host Guarantee

As of now, PotRentals does not offer a Host Guarantee. That means that you are required to have property insurance for your home before renting it on PotRentals.

Required coverage

Review your homeowner’s or renter’s policy with your insurance company to make sure you have adequate coverage and let them know that you intend to use short-term rental platforms. Ensure you have also adequate liability coverage.